New Dine-in Experience

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Your very own Samsara is again open for dine-in. We are back with a promise of  an even better dine-in experience, to serve you not only great tasting food but memories of a lifetime with our best Indian Restaurants Cheam. We have always believed that great food is not only to satiate our physical cravings but also to make us feel happy and emotionally rejuvenated, something we all need in these critical times.

A New Experience

As one of the best Indian Restaurants in Surrey, we have always been mindful of the role that we play in the lives of our patrons and in the surrounding environment. And now, as we start serving you again, we are excited and full on energy to cater to you a mesmerizing new dine-in experience. With all safety and sanitization standards, along with social distancing guidelines,  taken up, rich new flavours added in the menu and a serene ambience is what we promise to give you an unforgettable experience.

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Safety and Service

To ensure the safety of our customers as well as our staff, we take strict measures to maintain the hygiene, inside and in the vicinity of the premises. We begin our day by cleaning and scrubbing the entire premises including the kitchen, dining area and the restaurant’s peripheral spaces with a disinfecting sanitizer. Our staff cleans the kitchen and bar equipment after each use and all the high-touch surfaces of the restaurant including the furniture, doors, floors, light and air-control switches, washrooms, railing, etc., are disinfected using a surface cleaner. This includes frequent cleaning of point-of-sale terminals and the use of menus that can be discarded. Besides this, we monitor the health of our employees on a regular basis after every few hours by reading their temperature. The staff has been mandated to take the utmost care in following hand hygiene and wearing face and body protection equipment. We are managing sheets and CCTV surveillance to ensure strict compliance.

Latest Offers

We at Samsara, stand in support and solidarity of all the safety measures that government have asked to ensure the safety of our customers. We know times are difficult and uncertain for many of our customers too. We have introduced Dining offers on Tuesdays / Wednesdays as well as Happy hour Cocktail offers.

Samsara has signed up to the Government ‘Eat out, Help out’ scheme to start from August 2020.

New Team & Menu

To give our customers the New Samsara Experience, our hardworking team has done various experimentations with the menu and added new, rich and authentic Indian flavours to satisfy your palate. From Paneer Tikka, which is authentically grilled in Indian clay oven, to the delicious savoury rice dish Chicken Biryani, we are prepared to bring to you the most famous Indian dishes loaded with spices at Indian Restaurants Epsom and all other locations.

We promise to keep serving you with our impeccable standards of hospitality, taking a notch higher in these times of change, and with a promise to tide over things together.

We welcome you to the Samsara experience, a meal that goes beyond just food and wine, to enhance your feel -good emotions.