As the entire world turns over a new leaf slowly trying to come back to a renewed way of life, we at Samsara stand by in support and a promise of better and newer beginnings, especially when it comes to enjoying the little pleasure of life like great food. Great food is not only something that satiates our cravings. Its something that makes us feel happy, nourished, and fuels our quest to try exotic flavours of cuisines from thousands of miles away- exactly what Samsara conjures up for you.

Samsara has never been just a business. We are an entity that’s conscious of the role that we play in the lives of our patrons and in the surrounding environment. Even before these challenging times, we were always conscious of our practices and way of functioning, and endeavoured to make them sustainable at all front.

And now, when we gear up to start serving you again, we are even more mindful about the safety and health of our guests and staff. We have invested in devising ‘The New Samsara Experience’ for you, that too in the similar pricing.

We began these best practices by training our staff, suppliers, and everybody else that we interact with. The staff members have even been especially trained to recognise any flu-like symptoms in their team members and even guests and take immediate action steps.

We begin our day by cleaning and scrubbing the entire premise from top to bottom with a disinfecting sanitizer. This includes the kitchen, dining area, and the restaurant’s peripheral spaces. Our staff cleans the kitchen tensils after each use and all the high-touch surfaces of the restaurant including the furniture, doors, floors, light and air-control switches, washrooms, railing, etc., are disinfected using a surface cleaner. This includes frequent cleaning of point-of-sale terminals and the use of menus that can be discarded. We have also minimised the use of reusable cutlery at all our restaurants.

This practice is followed up several times a day to ensure a sustained state of cleanliness and hygiene.

Besides this, we monitor the health of our employees on a regular basis after every few hours by reading their temperature. The staff has been mandated to take the utmost care in following hand hygiene and wearing face and body protection equipment. We are managing sheets and CCTV surveillance to ensure strict compliance.

We also understand that a bit of creativity will help us go a long way! To enable our guests to dine with a relaxed state of mind, we are offering an additional ‘Privacy Service offer’. This allows you to be seated at least 2 tables apart from the nearest occupied table and increases your social distancing by 50 percent.

We, at Samsara, promise to keep serving you with our impeccable standards of service and hospitality, taking a notch higher in these times of change, and with a promise to tide over things together. We wait to welcome you for a meal with us soon. A meal that goes beyond just food- we invite you to savoir the experience of a lifetime with us.