Trying out Indian food is considered to be quite an adventure! A cuisine that’s considered to be fiery, oily, uses lesser-known ingredients, and has dishes with literally unpronounceable names, it makes people a little wary. Samsara, one of the best Indian restaurants Cheam has, busts some of the myths as we take you on a culinary journey of a lifetime.

One of the best ways to dive into this cuisine is to be spontaneous! Start by ordering the dishes that seem straightforward and interesting. You can start with ‘Samosa’, which is a crispy and flaky pastry filled with a delicious potato & pea filling. Don’t miss to order tamarind chutney (dip), the best accompaniment that a samosa can have. Or try the delicious tandoori (charcoal-flavoured) paneer, which is cottage cheese for you, with spiced onions and mint & yoghurt chutney. These will surely ease you into this wonderful cuisine.

Secondly, try out the meats. While Indians are largely considered to be vegetarians, they do enjoy their meats. In fact, every state in India has its own cooking styles and unique specialities ranging from creamy curries, charcoal (tandoori) flavoured biryanis and even meat pickles.

Our third tip would be that almost all of the Indian cuisine can be made as per your taste so don’t forget to tell your server your preference and tolerance for spices. For your first time, go easy on the chillies and spices. Still, if you find your meal too spicy, pair it with plain nan bread, rice, and curds. With years of experience of serving guests in Cheam, Samsara is the go-to favourite when it comes to customised Indian meals for most.

Next, we strongly recommend that while trying this cuisine, eat as Indians do and trust us, you will end up having a lot of fun. Indians hardly use knives and forks while eating, spoons being an exception, and we urge you to try eating this way. It is super-fun breaking a piece of your bread and dipping it into a piping hot curry. Or even, eating a mouthful of rice and curry with your hands. At Samsara, one of the most popular Indian restaurants Ewell has, our servers are always there to guide you about the best way to enjoy your first-ever Indian meal

Remember, an Indian meal is not just something you eat. It is an experience of a lifetime with stupendous flavour, texture, and taste. In fact, some dishes use up to 30 different types of spices! We wait to welcome you to Samsara for an unforgettable gastronomically amazing experience soon.